Both the light and the relationship of distant peaks changes frequently in the mountains, and this is what I try to explore in these galleries.

Dauphiné Alps

The Dauphiné Alps consists of the mountains of the Massif des Écrins, in the heart of the largest national park in France.


The Dolomites are quite different from the Alp region, and this section explores those differences.



There's nothing quite like being up in the mountains watching the light rake across the slopes of the peaks, seeing the clouds roll by and watching the shadows they create move across the landscape.

Based in Farnham, Surrey (UK) and Briancon (France), David fell in love with landscape photography and capturing the natural environment. It wasn't until around 10 years ago following a skiing trip with my wife in Andorra that being up in the mountains became appealing (I'd always been more attracted to being near the coast).

My wife has had a long held dream of moving to Briancon, and a few years ago we started to look more seriously about basing ourselves there, and made several visits to the region.

We now have a home in the old walled town of Vauban, which provides me with easy access to the Dauphine Alps.

I hope you enjoy the images on this website, and please take a look at the workshops that are on offer.


We offer family oriented photography workshops that will appeal to all the family - whether you or your partner is a photographer or not.
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Alpine Photography
Our alpine photography workshop will take you into the mountains near Briancon to photograph the surrounding countryside. We cater for the complete beginner, or the more advanced photographer looking to expand their portfoli
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Explore the Region
If your partner is photography obsessed, and you’re not, then don’t worry as we can arrange for you to explore the area; there are many other activities to do in and around Briancon so whether you are interested in walking, cycling, climbing, via ferrata or just want some time out, then talk to us first.

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